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Our goal at Greensky Cleaning is to provide our clients with consistently high quality cleaning services at an unbeatable price. We focus on commercial establishments: traditional office settings, medical centers, fitness clubs, restaurants, showrooms, warehouses, as well as all other workplace environments. We are committed to ensuring that your workplace is as clean as we can make it, at a price you will love. We pay close attention to detail and will leave your workplace feeling fresh. Contact Us for your FREE Quote!

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Employee health and productivity are affected by their work environment. The workplace environment contains millions of germs – and not just in obvious places like bathrooms and kitchen areas. Counter tops, keyboards, telephones, desktops and other areas frequently touched by employees’ hands are repositories for countless numbers of bacteria and viruses. In addition to germs, dust buildup can create health hazards for office workers. Dirty offices can result in lowered employee morale, reduced worker productivity, and increased lost worker days due to illness. Studies have shown that employees’ productivity levels are heavily influenced by office cleanliness.



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